Giving you your breasts back

Breast Reconstruction Surgery is one of Dr Serrurier’s most commonly performed procedures. The surgery is defined as an intervention designed to restore the breast to a near normal shape following Cancer surgery. Charles’ reputation as a Reconstructive Breast Surgeon should go a long way towards giving you a level of comfort, not only in his surgical experience, but also in his ability to recommend the best possible surgical approach to ensure an aesthetically pleasing breast reconstruction.

These surgical considerations include:

  • Tissue donor sites
  • Expansion options
  • Implant reconstruction options

More specific types of Reconstruction include::

The above mentioned considerations will all be taken into account when you meet with Dr Serrurier, so that you can plan the appropriate course of action for your reconstruction, together. Charles understands the magnie of breast reconstruction and has a rare level of empathy, which is why he is a valued surgical member of the prestigious Netcare Breast Health Centre of Excellence at Millpark Hospital. Dr Serrurier, will do all that he can to give you peace of mind and all the support you need through the reconstructive process.

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